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Indonesia Java International Destination SEO Contest

SEO contest lifestyle on the net is running. And I want to concentrate to optimize it but now the other seo contest is starting too. That called “Indonesia Java International Destination” Seo Contest.
Following information:

1. The commencement of the contest is December 23, 2009 (12:00 Hours ).
2. Contest end date is 1 April 2010 (12:00 Hours ).
3. Announcement date. 4 April 2010
4. Only the techniques of ethical SEO can be used in this contest, and the jury has the right to review the techniques used by the winners, to be sure.
5. Not allowed any element of pornography, discrimination, or unlawful actions in the implementation of the contest.
6. Target Keyword: “Indonesia Java International Destination”
7. This contest uses English as the content relevance.
8. Relevance of content are concerned here, make the English-language content targeted keywords and readable.
9. Only registered participants can compete and win prizes offered by the committee.
10. Registration is free of charge and open to everyone without age limit.
11. Each participant entry pages should have links back can be seen on
12. One person can only get one gift.
13. Maximum domain Age 4 years.
14. You are allowed to use an existing domain name, but the page / URL of the submitted entry must be completely new with no back links and previous cache version.
15. No domain and subdomain using targeted keywords in lombakan.
16. Organizers and the teams are allowed maker contest, but is not entitled to any prize.
17. Rules can be added or modified from time to time in accordance with feedback received from participants.
18. Target winnings SEO Contest The Incredible Java result in

What I write is only Part of it, there are still rules the others. So for more more details please read and visit the web own. Congratulations to follow the contest and enjoy the prize. I do not know what did not follow-up.(Sory bad english)

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